Libby's 5th Birthday party.

Sam W.
Jack W.
The Birthday Girl, Libby
pumpkin cake

candy apple dreaming.
The Caramel Apples.
Ian. Peek-a-boo.
Pumpkin Decorating
Samuel's Pumpkin.
Decorating is Hard Work!
Smooches from Fafie for Ian.
Libby's 5th Birthday Party was so much fun!

We decorated pumpkins and made candy apples. The kids got to put oreo cookies, sprinkles, candy corn or whatever other candy they wanted to on their candy apples. The kids dressed up. Michael and Samuel were both done dressing up. They had had enough. So you will see them without their lion attire. It was a lot of fun.

Libby wanted a fall themed birthday party. This was after a whole year of telling me she wanted a mermaid party. Last minute switcharoo. Well, it was wonderful to see how thankful she was for everything. She wasn't demanding and was very kind to all her party guests. I think all the adults even had a good time.

I made her a "pumpkin" cake. Well, it's supposed to look like a pumpkin...


Sara of Sweden said…
Looks like a very happy birthday girl!!! Thea just turned 4 and suddenly she is a very big girl and can do a lot of things by herself that she couldn't do (or rather didn't want to do...)the day before her birthday =0)
Missing you like crazy!!!
Sarah said…
Oh wow. How beautiful is Libby?! She is stunning. Not surprising (look at her mom)...

I love the picture where she's blowing out her candles. Gorgeous!

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