A new tradition.

The day after Thanksgiving began a new tradition.

We bought our Christmas tree.

Don't look at me aghast. I know, I know what you're thinking... how could we? Well the other half are thinking so what's the big deal?

It has been an annual tradition since as long as I can remember to purchase our tree on my sister's birthday, December 7th. This was all well and good when she was alive but now that she's gone her birthday is such an emotionally and physically draining day. So this year I planned ahead.

We bought our trees and put on the lights. We hung up our wreath and I've decorated the mantle. We're saving the ornaments for the 7th. I thought it through and realized that I'll have energy for that. Just not the rest of it. The rest is too much. I'm so drained from the day I have nothing to spare.

Our tree is lovely. It's in the kitchen. In fact I need to show you all pictures because it's changed so much over and over again. Mike and I are constantly moving our downstairs around. We've created a space for the older kids to play and a nursery for the twins to play in downstairs. It's quite perfect.

It was so fun to escape the black Friday crowds and just get a tree. Libby hoped to pick it out and pick it out she did. $15.99 Taylor's Do It Center... and really, it's a nice tree. I love the night watching the lights on the tree twinkle. It makes me feel warm, safe, and cozy.

Christmas is coming. I sense it all around me but I still feel behind. Like my body still thinks it should be September or something. I haven't caught up with the "true" time.

Mike has left on a mini-retreat and I'm excited that he has some time to himself to think, pray, read, and just simply be. My dad's pitching in taking the kids to school. (We still only have one car and Mike has it.)

Tomorrow is going to be a me and the boys' chill day while Libby is at school. Playing and relaxing. I think we need a break. Maybe some Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer or Charlie Brown Christmas.

I hope though that I'm able to let Christ enter into my heart and home this season and always. May I come and adore Him. May I thank God for our Saviour's birth and prepare room for Him. May I join with the angels in singing His praise.

O Emmanuel. God with us. It's too mysterious for me. Let us rejoice! Redemption is here!


Jessica Rockey said…
Jennifer! That's such a big step... I'm really proud of you. I think it's such a wise decision to not push so much to make everything happen on the 7th.
Also, Taylor's is the way to go! We went out last night to get our tree... and, of coarse, CLOSED. Oh well, we'll try again tonight. Love you friend.
Wendy said…
I agree with Jessica! What an evidence of God's grace in your heart that you are able to make things different to help you and your family. I am proud of you too girl! Enjoy your tree...enjoy your family and make new memories for your kids who don't have the same ones you do. My heart praises God for this in your life! Merry Christmas!!

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