Happy Birthday Ian & Michael!

1st time together. Ian in A hat. Michael in B hat.
 5 years ago today I gave birth to two little miracles, Ian Christoph & Michael MacLeod. My how the time has flown.

I wasn't able to meet them up close and personal til over 12 hours after I gave birth but I tell you what... it was love at first sight.

I can't believe how much they've grown and changed. How different they are from each and how much they love each other.

Twins (age-19 months)
Ian, I love your adventurous spirit. Your ability to explore and plunge ahead. I love your sweet smile and your beautiful blue eyes. You keep me on my toes and I love every bit of craziness you add to our home! Mama loves you and is so proud of you!

Michael, I love your tenacity. Your perseverance when life hasn't dealt you an easy hand. You don't let anything hold you back. You are tender and affectionate. Your smile makes me smile. Your dark blue eyes take everything in. I love your fierce independence. Mama loves you and is so proud of you!

I look forward to our trip at the zoo today and I look forward to hugs and kisses and smiles and laughter. You both are troopers and I am so crazy about you both!

Thank you for loving me in my weakness and for training me how to multi-task and keeping me desperate enough to keep running back to God. Surely, in my weakness He is strong.

God has great things for you my little men. Hold fast to Jesus. He will carry and sustain you. He will grow you into men who love and know Him and will in turn love others. Let Him full capture your heart. Let's be wild for the Lord together!!!

Happy 5th Birthday!
Here they are today on their fifth Birthday!!!

Best Buds Forever!


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