Miss Mom.

We're back from Va. We got in late last night and instead of heading straight to bed after we put the kids down we decide that it was more urgent to watch a little bit of The Office (season 3) that we just purchased this week-end. The Office tends to be a little more vital than sleep... ha ha ha. This morning I took the kids to the post office to pick up a package we had received from our friend Sarah from across the pond (in London). I took the kids to the park where Libby was able to get up to the top of the slide using these bars and climbing up... I was really nervous watching her but she did it perfectly. She calls them "monkey bars" but they're not the ones that go straight across... hard to explain. Iwas really proud of her.

I kept sliding down with Samuel on the big slide. Every time we went down he would say, "Wheee!" It was really cute. We did that about 5 times and then I let him wander around the park.

Upon arriving home we opened the special package and found some adorable t-shirts for libby and a cute outfit for Samuel. There were also two sparkly belts enclosed, one pink and one purple. libby was instantly smitten by the glitter and had to proceed in wearing one immediately.

I've been having Libby practicing being more formal in her address to adults. I'm trying to get her to say, "Miss Sarah" or her teacher's name "Miss Anne". I was getting her some mango sauce (which she loved by the way) and she asked for a cup of milk. I told her she could have some water, she simply replied, "Thanks Miss Mom!"

I was trying not to keel over from laughing so hard. well, at least she said Miss in some context!


erin. said…
So sweet! "Miss Mom". Love it!!
Michelle said…
Cute. Cute. And... Mango Sauce. That's a victory, isn't it?! Is she eating anything else?
Jennifer said…
Yes, Michelle! Libby is eating more food. Rice. Greenbeans. Chicken. Especially chicken nuggets. She' also trying more food like pumpking muffins, apples, and blue-berries. Not so into those but she's more willing to try them!


Ashleigh said…
Too cute!
AmyB said…
So cute! Glad to see you this weekend, even if just for a bit!
Anonymous said…
Dear Miss Mom,

I am so pleased the glitter belts went down well with Miss Libby - that was the idea! I love this story - you all are too precious....

big hugs from this side of the pond xxx

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