A day at the Hill...

One of the very first things that made me love Philadelphia is a place called Chestnut Hill. It has some quaint shops and cobblestone streets (2 knitting stores-love that!) and is simply charming. Samuel had his 18 month appt. (No shots this time!) and is doing amazing! It was so great to be reminded of all the ways God has been working in Samuel's life. His health has improved so much and he's growing leaps and bounds. He's grown from being in the 4% to about the 20th for kids his age. He used to not even be on the chart and now he's catching up with kids his age! I'm not even factoring in his real gestational age (when he should have been born). He's growing.

I cut his hair today. He still has curls but he no longer can be thought to be a girl. The haircut came out better than I imagined. I'll take some pictures and post them soon! (mom you would be proud!)

So Samuel's appt. was in Chestnut Hill. He did great. Then we went down the "hill" to Starbucks. Samuel had some yogurt and animal crackers while Libby had her "special milk" (Horizon Organic Choc. Milk) and a rainbow cookie. We went and got sandwiches at my favorite sandwich shop..."On the Hill". Mike had a Brie, Apple, and Ham sandwich on black bread (comes with a yummy maple-mustard dressing) and I had Meredith's Favorite... cucumber, Havarti, Sprouts and Herbed dressing on black bread... so good! We put the kids down for a nap and ate our delicious lunch in peace.

We're now reading and enjoying a chill afternoon while the kids nap.

Tonight we get to spend time with our dear friends David & Tosha. Yeah! We get to see their new appartment in the city. Tosha made the best pumpking muffins and brought them over... so sweet!

Well, I better post my Friday's post today...I know it's Saturday... oops.


Michelle said…
Sounds like an idyllic day. :)
erin. said…
Okay, those sandwiches sound so good! It does sound like you had a wonderful day.

Glad to hear that Samuel is doing so well, Jen.
Wendy said…
I am so glad that Samuel is doing well! Be encouraged that as you watch him grow that gap will be smaller and smaller and eventually you will forget it was even there. You are a great mom!

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