Friday time.

Okay, I need some clever ways to feed my kids. I'm talking healthy, nutritious foods here. If any of you know my kids well then you know they struggle with eating foods with texture. They like smooth things like yogurt, applesauce and bread. They'll eat muffins, toast, waffles, pancakes. Samuel will occassionally eat eggs and Libby just ate potatoes and meatballs for the first time. She also ate a good portion of banana today! These are miracles in my book. I introduce all sorts of fruits and veggies without success. I want to make sure they're getting as much nutrients, vitamins, etc. as possible. I stay way from sugar for them. They drink soymilk and Libby will eat string cheese. I don't feel though that their diet is "well-balanced".

Any suggestions of how to get my kids to eat food? Particulary fruits and veggies... any recipes you recommend or ideas to "sneak" in the good stuff? Help please!


Michelle said…
I don't know if Mac and Cheese type foods count as smooth but I saw in Eating Well this month a recipe called Hamburger Buddy (take on hamburger helper). They have you run some veggies through the food processor and mix 'em with in the dish so they are hardly detectable. Here's the link:

I wonder if you can do that with other foods too - liquidate them or pulverize them and mix/sneak them in with other foods they enjoy.


Good luck!
Wendy said…
Jenn! Everytime you post I think, yeah me too!!! I can so relate to the picky eater thing... it started with the boys and texture. Mostly I can tell you what not to do, lol...

One thought though, if they like smoothies, I would just make one everyday and put stuff in it. I have even put protein powder and powder vitamins in mine. Yogurt, fruits, or try a veggie smoothie (I've never done it, but seen reciepes).

One encouragement, I often have to remind myself that they are probably getting more than you think nutritionally. They will instinctively eat what they need to some degree. And a lot at this age is instilling good habits which it sounds like you are doing well.

You go mom!!! You are doing great.
Bethany said…
Right there with ya!!!! My kids drive me nuts on this. When I have a moment to type without baby on me I will email you a muffin one I have that has veggies in it. I heard JErry Seinfields wife just did a book for picky kids where she hides stuff in the foods she makes. It got good reviews
Ashleigh said…
Oh, I'm SO looking forward to answers on this. I can get Ava to eat corn, sauted squash, strawberries, and sometimes bananas, but otherwise she wants macaroni and spaghetti. So I could use tips too.
Sara of Sweden said…
Swedish pancakes (almost as crepes) but with a flowr that is more fiber in it. These pancakes have no sugar in them, egg, a little butter and milk. All good ingredients! The kids in Sweden loves this dish.

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