First Video Attempt.

Mike and I have attempted to post video for the first time on here. This was taken a couple months ago but I thought you might enjoy it. As we get more adept at updating by video we look forward to showing more of the kids, etc. Hope you enjoy this snippet of the kids.


abbey said…
jennifer your kiddos are adorable :) keep the videos coming! i enjoy visiting your blog - good stuff.
Liz said…
Glad we found your blog. Hope you guys are doing well. Loved the video of the kids. So cute. If you will, send us an email and we'll hook you up to our blog. (I think Mike has our address.) :o)

Liz (and Jeff) Coombs
Sara of Sweden said…
MORE!!! I want more! First time I see your wonderful kids in "real" life! I'm a proud swedish aunt! I kept pushing the play button over and over again!
Hugs and kisses from Uppsala
Anonymous said…
Okay...I don't think I can be the only who wants to shower them with smooches! Please give your babes kisses for me. So looking forward to seeing them soon. Oh and too. ;)

Bethany said…
doll babies so fun to see them in video
AmyB said…
Can't wait to see more Jenn!! This is great! I love how Samuel is crawling out of his pjs :-) They are both so cute!
Anonymous said…
That is soooo precious!! How cool to see them on video - thank you so much for posting it. Hugs to all of you... xxx
erin. said…
soooo cute, jen!!
Courtney said…
Aww! Jen, your kids are so cute! Just thought I'd let you know. :)

I had a great time with you when you were out here, and can't wait till your next visit. Hopefully with the rest of your family!
Anonymous said…
thanks for this 'leap' of technology! You know how we feel and this is a wonderful way to help us stay 'in the loop'; only thing better is holding them. Faf's Mac is back, so her camera works about yours?
Can't wait to see ya'll.
Love you,
Ashleigh said…
So cute! I loved seeing the kids "live."

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