The air is beginning to get cooler and jeans are a more comfortable attire. It's September 1st and I can already begin to feel the touch of fall around me. A tinge of organge and red can be seen on the leaves of trees. When I was a child my favorite season was summer. Fall was probably on the bottom of my list because it meant the end of summer, beginning of school, and the back-to-school realities of life. But now that I am older I am beginning to love the seasons more and especially fall.

How do you embrace the Fall? Are there special things that you do during the Fall or Autumn as others would call it? Do you have any special traditions for this time of year? I have one that I really enjoy. To celebrate Libby's birthday (Oct. 23) we have pumpkin pancakes and get the kids a pumpkin each. This is also the season where I make everything pumpkin: bread, muffins, pie, etc. What do you to celebrate?


Michelle said…
I love Autumn. It has always been my favorite time of year. Like a bouquet of sharpened pencils. It may have helped that I grew up in MI where we had lovely visual changes that accompanied the weather.

One of the things I get excited about is the great food that becomes available. I think of harvest breads, sweet potatoes, acorn squash. I love wearing sweaters and listening to the wind rustle the dried leaves. I celebrate it all by being outside as much as possible. In fact, I just got in from lounging in the field by my house. I brought only a blanket and a book and soaked in the warm sun and cool breeze. Ahhh.... I just love it.
Wendy said…
It is hard to imagine it is September here, let alone that fall is almost here. We are sweating outside and I have not entertained thoughts of getting out the sweaters yet. I do love the fall though and always want it to be cooler than it is in Sept. Maybe it is being closer to the sun???

I like the pumpkin patches and taking the kids and letting them get a pumpkin for our front stoop. And my birthday is in Oct too so I will be thinking of Libby as she celebrates hers! It is a good month.
Caren said…
I like fall...I like the leaves and the different colors. In upstate NY, we have lots of colors. We're also about 20 minutes away from the border of Vermont, and there are beautiful leaves all around. When I see the bright colors, they make me want to wear orange, red and yellow all the time. We haven't done jack-o-lanterns with the girls yet, but hope to bring them to a pumpkin patch this year to pick out pumpkins. Maybe we'll actually cut stuff in them. Depends on how adventurous we feel like being with an almost 5 year old and 3 year old. :)
Jessica Rockey said…
Hey friend,
I love autumn! It makes me want to buy school supplies. Rebekah and I always talk of how the hot sun, yet crisp air reminds us that it's birthday season! Hopefully Libby will have that wonderful memory as she grows up. What is she in to right now? I'd love to send her a little treat from her birthday buddy! Love you.
Jennifer said…
What is Libby into... hmmm. She loves anything artsy/crafty. She likes stickers, paints, markers, crayons, paper, etc. She also enjoys Trains, Cars, Tinkerbell, Veggie Tales. She loves to dance and we're thinking of putting her in a pre-dance class for 3-4 year olds at the YMCA. So I need to get her a leotard and slippers and fun little hair sparkly things...
You should see her twirl, Jess. It's a riot!

Jennifer said…
Michelle- I have this recipe for acorn squash I love. It's cut in half and filled with diced apples, cinnamon, and I add a tinge of nutmeg. You also use maple syrup and some add heavy cream (I skip that delicious step to cut down on fat). It's delish!


AmyB said…
Ooo OOoo, Jenn, can you pass that recipe on to me too?? Or even better, just post it for us all!! :-)
Judy said…
Fall is my favorite season... The one thing that I love about CO is that the leaves actually change here & it's beautiful. It's already getting chilly when the sun goes down. I have to say, I'm going to break out the ol' pumpkin bread recipe soon. It's sooooo good. It calls for 5 eggs. Yummy, moist, pumpkin-y & delicious. Ginger gave me a great pumpkin pancake recipe & a recipe for a sausage & apple quiche. Yum yum. Oh, I also love going to the pumpkin patch & picking a pumpkin, then carving it & roasting the seeds. :)

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