Last July. Some pictures to enjoy.


erin. said…
So pretty. Did you take these? I would like to learn to set up a simple studio in my home...just a black background and the lighting...just like that.
Jenn said…
These are just precious. Thank you for sharing them.
Ashleigh said…
Anonymous said…
What lovely pictures of such a gorgeous family - thanks for posting them.
Jennifer said…
Just a note- These were taken July 2006.. not 2007. I didn't realize I might not have been clear when I said last July. These were taken at a friend's house (Beth) in Charlotte, N.C. When Mike and I and the kids were marooned (when our car broke down) we took advantage of a friends amazing photography skills and had her shoot some of us. (not with a gun, with a camera).. boy am I loopy today. :)


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