Colds, Catching Up & Other Means of Grace..

Today has been one of those days and by that I don't mean it's been a bad day... it's just been one of THOSE days. Woke up with a cold; my throat sore from breathing through my mouth. I kind of felt like I was in a fog. Made some phone calls with my frog-like voice. That was special. Took Mike to school. Took over-tired kids to Target, Trader Joe's and Starbucks. Didn't blow my budget. Took kids home and put them down for naps. Cleaned. Vaccummed. Organized a little. Samuel had speech therapy. Libby slept through the whole thing.

yet somehow, somewhere in the back of my head my mind has been in ovedrive. Maybe it was finally finishing the last of the Harry Potter novels or something but I just felt restless. I kept crying out to God for help. I even asked Him to help me with what I should feed myself for lunch. Do you ever have those days where you feed your kids and because you were preparing food you somehow thought that you already ate until it's late in the afternoon, your blood sugar is low, and your ready to shove whatever you can into your hungry belly? Thankfully I made some lunch and didn't stuff myself with something sugary or chocolatey. Is chocolatey even a word? I guess it is now.

We picked up Mike and came home and I made dinner, which Libby ate. If that isn't a "Praise God and pass the Hallelujah," I don't know what is! I made Swedish meatballs and potatoes. Well, I guess I did eat a lot of that during my early stages of pregnancy so maybe it rubbed off on her. Sara- Swedish influence!

I'm in the process of catching up with life. I've kind of taken an extended vacation but I think I'm rested enough to resume with getting things sorted out. Taking care of the house. Still need to get my Apple (Mac) fixed. Set some specialist appointments for Samuel. Get rid of this cold, etc.

It's while I'm in the mids of a head fog that I realized, wow, God uses things like colds to remind me that I'm just a creature. I'm not perfect. I'm not in control. I can't even make my nose stop running. It's in these moments where I feel desperate that I am more aware of my need for God. More aware that I can't do a thing without Him. I was thinking about my weight today (and tempted to be frustrated with myself) and realized, wow. Thank you God that I have a body that can function. That I have arms and legs that work and move me. That I can talk, think, reason, listen, move and act. I am so blessed. I want to take care of what God's given me and at the same time I don't need to beat myself up for not having "arrived" yet. Time. God works amazing things in His time. He makes things beautiful. He changes people. Sometimes it feels like a teeny-tiny change but I know He's using the little things to make my life different. to make me different. to make His people different.

I can feel the Nyquil kicking in. So it's off to bed before I get really loopy and start quoting some Dr. Seuss or something.


Sara of Sweden said…
More swedsih meatballs and potatoes with lingonberriesauce to the people!
Tell me when you need more lingonberrysauce and gravy!
Ps. colds here in sweden too!
Anonymous said…
Hey sweetness,
Hope the cold is getting a bit better. Thanks for your post - it really helped me today. I am really needing to be reminded to trust God and have faith in a few situations and am reeeeeeeally struggling to do so - what you wrote really resonated, and certainly challenged my over-independent rebellious self, so thank you.
Lots of love
(p.s. Swedish meatballs are fab - I had them for dinner on Monday - it must be the fashionable thing to do this week!!)
Jennifer said…
Sara- We are out! Can you believe it? I think we go through jars of lingonberries at a time. Gravy is gone too. :( We didn't even have any for the meatballs and potatoes last night. Sad story. You would have been so proud of Libby eating a Swedish meal... maybe she's more Swedish than American, eh?



P.S.~ Maybe she gets it from her Swedish aunt?!
Ashleigh said…
Hope you're feeling better, Jennifer. I so know what you mean about seeing our own weaknesses. And I love the perspective you're taking on the weight loss. :-)

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