Heart Strings.

Living in two places at one time is nigh impossible. Okay, it is impossible, unless your God. I really feel torn about where I live, spend time, and who to keep in touch with. i feel like I have friends all over the country and all over the world. Friends in the UK, Sweden, Australia, France, China, New Zealand, etc. Friends in California, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Texas, Virginia, Maryland, etc. You guys get the picture.

Being down here (in VA) has been great but it's making me long for my home in PA, the routine of the everyday norm. Of sitting on my red leather couch and drinking English Breakfast (yeah, for Twinnings).

I feel divided my heartstrings between VA and PA in particular are hard to sever. how do I enjoy one place and not long for the other? I know when I get home I will be missing my family and friends in VA. And yet, when I'm here I'm thinking about there?

And the truth of the matter is I will always be longing. Nothing feels like a perfect fit. I've changed, friends have changed, family has changed... and I think my real longing is for HOME. A place called Heaven. A place I won't reach until I stretch from this world to the next. till I breathe my final breath. then I will be at home. With no more longing. I will then be truly satisfied. I will see my Saviour face to face and embrace the One who made me. And then maybe I can hold my nephew and hug my sister... and kiss my grandpas.

Heading Home Soon.


erin. said…
Makes me think of what cs Lewis said, I'm sure you've heard it before. I'm not quoting exactly here but he said sommething like "If I find in myself a desire which nothing in the world can satisfy the most probable explaination is that I was made for another world." Love that quote. Thanks for reminding me today to keep my heart fixed on my real home.
Anonymous said…

You have better expressed my heart in the longings to go HOME............it is sorta sad to want to be somewhere other than where the Lord has us.....but tp be absent from here is to be present with Him. I can only say that when He is ready for me.......I pray to be ready for Him............Heaven..........YEAH
Wendy said…
This is Wendy Callaway. I just wanted to say that I found your blog when I was looking at pics on Michelle VanMeter's from Jessica's wedding. Didn't want you think that I just go blog hunting...lol.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you what a refreshing blog you have. I have been encouraged and shown God's grace through your writing and insights. You have much wisdom and He is doing a work in you that will be for his glory here even while you long for there. We should be longing for Heaven and we should be living this day in light of that one.

So, thank you for posting your thoughts and insights and for being so faithful to your Saviour in the midst whatever might come your way in life. You are amazing.
Jennifer said…
Thanks for the insights and reminders that I'm not alone in this.

Wendy, thanks for finding and reading my blog. Yay, I get all these people to meet the "psycho" side of me.

Won't it be great that we'll all be together... that's one thing that will be awesome. Favorite people in one place.


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