Welcome June. Welcome to the bright warm days full of sunshine. Of days lying in a hammock. Of days savoring the smell of freshly cut grass. Of days where you pull out your barbecue and enjoy grilled chicken, fish, and veggies. Of long days full of light where the sun goes down to bed late.

I love summer. I love soaking up the sun and reading books and laying on the sand. Mike and I drove to VA on Wednesday. He called me up Wed. morning and said, "Hey, what if we go down today?" I thought, "heck, yeah!" So as we were driving Samuel proceeds to get sick. he threw up so much. On the way down we were wondering if we needed to go straight to CHKD (children's hospital of the king's daughters in Norfolk, VA). Thankfully we were able to get him some pedialyte at 10:30 at night. He was able to keep it down. We knew as long as he was able to remain hydrated that he would be well. So he's got a wicked cough but he's now better and back to eating solids.

I have already enjoyed my time down here. Yesterday I laid in the hammock at my parents for a half an hour. I have had dinner with our friends the Williams. We've been able to spend time with the Napier's today and tonight my parents are watching the kids and Mike and I are going on a date. Yeah!

Another plus, our tax return money cleared and we're going to be able to pay for our rent! Praise the Lord! He is so good. He's been such a faithful provider!

Tomorrow I'm going to a friend's house for a tea party to celebrate my birthday. Sunday is my actual birthday. I'm hoping to go to my sister's grave site in the morning. Then to church. That night we're having family over for cake and icecream. I'm really happy to be around family and friends! What a blessing.

Oh by the way, I cut my hair. I had a picture that I showed the hairdresser but my hair looks nothing like the picture. I was pretty freaked out. I called Mike and told him I had a bad haircut. When he saw it he thought it was cute... it helped me feel better. Maybe it's not a "bad" haircut, maybe it's just not what I had hoped for.

Next week we're going to the beach. Mike's parents are letting us use their beachhouse. I'm so excited and looking forward to some relaxation and sun and sand and being with my babies and my honey. So this was a pretty random post. I'm just so thankful for God's goodness. For his provision. For days that are happy and filled with hope. For times where I'm actually happy and can enjoy life and breathe... and just be who God created me to be.


Sara of Sweden said…
It warms my heart to know you are at a place of relaxation and care! You and Minke are so much worth having some time together and as a family! Your package will be waiting in PA =0)
Love you!

Michelle said…
Fun stuff Jenn. Can't wait to see you soon!
Ashleigh said…
Happy Birthday, Jennifer!
Jenn said…
Happy Birthday Jennifer and hope you are enjoying your vacations days!!!!!!!!

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