Island Dream.

I have been enjoying myself far too much to post as of late. Mike and the kids and I have been experiencing just a bit of heaven. It's been such a good break for us. Time to read books, swim in the pool and just enjoy the kids. We also had the pleasure of a friend joining us for 2 nights and were able to enjoy good food, good fellowship and some nice cold beverages! Libby loves the pool and even if her lips are almost bluish purple she doesn't want to leave the water.

I just want to publicly thank my dear in-laws for letting us use their beautiful home in Nags Head. It's been such an amazing time. A vacation that we could never have afforded on our own. If any of you are looking to rent a beautiful spacious beach home the Island Dream is a wonderful homey escape from the world.

Tomorrow we're going to take the kids to the beach. We've just been venturing to the pool lately, which has been so much fun.
Looking forward to a movie with Mike tonight.... aaahh the bliss of rest and relaxation. Thank you Lord!


Michelle said…
Yes! Thank you Martha and Sandy! I enjoyed my time there! :-)
Ashleigh said…
Glad you're enjoying your time! :-)
Bethany said…
How nice. Glad you are having a great vacation. I need to go to the beach soon.
Billie said…
What a nice vacation. I hope you enjoy each day and that you go home refreshed. We had a trip like that this year too. It was grand.

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