My dad.

i never had the opportunity to post anything on Father's Day. This goes out to my dad. Some of my favorite things about my dad is how he doesn't care about what other people think of him. He is genuine. He is who he is. He is honest. He's humble. He's a great dad and husband. He is a dreamer. He loves having adventures.

As a teenager I grew up knowing that no matter what I did it wouldn't stop him loving me. It was a safe place to be in. I knew I could tell my dad anything... and I did :) Thanks dad for loving and caring for me for so many years. Thanks for loving my husband as a son and for building us the nest to live in! Thanks for letting us live with you for a year and a half!

Thank you for taking me fishing, for the play house you built us kids, for moving us out to the "country", for the jewelry you bought me and the "dates" you took me on, for teaching me about grace and Jesus and being a ragamuffin. For trips to the zoo, the park and Mt. Trashmore. For sledding with us... for taking me to the ER. For being calm in moments of crisis. For letting me dance on your feet. For walking me down the aisle. For talking me through how to get to Libby's gravesite. For laughing and for crying with me. For holding my hand.

I am so blessed to have you as my dad! I love you now and forever.

Jennifer Leigh

"your Jenny Girl"


Anonymous said…
What a lovely tribute to your Dad, Jen. He is a blessing as you are to the picture of the two of you........treasure the times, cherish the memories of the "young years" and the days to come......the memories you continue to make together........
Blessings on you you,
Anonymous said…
Happy Father's day uncle chris!!
Love you.

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