Looking for Advice.

Okay people... here's the deal. I'm going to being posting on Fridays (Lord and children willing) a question in which I hope to get some feedback from all you readers out there. I'm looking for advice. So every Friday I want you to give me advice. Um, there are no rules to this... just please post a comment. Suggestions are wanted here people!

Here is this week's Question(s):

What is your best tip for cleaning?

This could mean product you use. This could mean how and when you clean.... Go wild with this... I'm hoping for some answers!

Don't be shy. If you've never posted on my blog before.. well, now is your chance!


Michelle said…
ooo.ooo. (raising my hand). Two things come to mind.

1. Let the products do the work. Spray and walk away. Come back and wipe down. Who needs elbow grease? Favorite products: Glass Plus (Windex is more $ and streaks), Magic Eraser, Scrubbing Bubbles.

2. Break it down into smaller projects. The whole house too much? Do one room at a time. One room too much? Break it into sections. This will help you to not be overwhelmed (and get more done), to not waste time/energy/effort running from one end of the house to the other, and (best of all) to enjoy the visual before and after of a clean room (no more of that feeling of working for hours with nothing accomplished).

Love you Jennifer.
erin. said…
Jennifer, such a good idea! I'll definitely be checking back to read everyone's cleaning tip. I got on! Microwaves. I HATE cleaning them. They're just hard work. Okay so you take a dish towel and get it real wet then ring it out just a bit. Plop in in the micro for 30 sec. The moisture from the rag loosens everything right up so just wipe it down with the rag and you're done! Careful, tho the rag can get really hot. This really works!! Also, to make it smell fresh, heat a small cup of lemon juice for 30 sec.
Billie said…
Bleach pen....use it on tile or anything else that is molding. It works GREAT. In the shower I just use it over the mildew and then wash it off hours later. It is always white and clean when I am done. And no scrubbing. Thats my favorite cleaning tip. Hope it can help someone else out too.
Anonymous said…
I use lysol disenfectant all purpose spray for every thing. From the microwave and counters to the bathroom sinks and spots on my wood floor. I like it because like it says KILLS GERMS and CUTS GREASE! hee hee. Also it leaves a freash lemon smell.
love you!!
Wendy said…
Hey Jenn,

Great idea for a Friday question. I am a horrible cleaner, just not enough time in the day...

But I do have to say one thing that is encouraging to me is Flylady.net. "You can do anything for 15 minutes". I am not flying very well, but do think it is very releasing to realize that everything doesn't have to be done perfectly all the time.

I am sure you have these but the Clorox wipes are worth the extra $ to me cause my kiddo can use them to wipe down the sinks in the bathroom.

Great ideas so far. Thanks everyone!
AmyB said…
I just wanted to second the flylady.net vote... it has helped me keep things clean (well, mostly) and in order around here, (well, most of the time). Once you get started and are determined to follow it (which I am NOT good at) everything becomes routine and therefore not a big deal, you never have to do a huge clean 'cause you are doing a little at a time every day :-)

Also, I love the Method products from Target 'cause they seem to clean well ('cause how can you REALLY know huh?), smell great and aren't toxic so it's ok if the kiddos are around 'em!
Jennifer said…
Thank you guys so much! I'm really excited to try your ideas! You all had some ideas I had never even thought of. Wendy and Amy I love the flylady, guess it's time to start flying. Billie- I've got a moldy tub going so the bleach pen is going to attack it. Erin- my microwave needs some TLC so thank you! Never would have thought of lemon water! Michelle- I needed that reminder, small stpes. Em, would never have thought to use Lysol that many ways-thank you!

I love your ideas!

Thanks for responding!


P.S.~ Any newcomers come along and post!
Kate Van said…
Hi Jen! Sorry this is late, but one of my favorite tools for cleaning are paper towels! I use them to wipe down the toilets (w/ disinfectant), wipe the floor and baseboards. And the best part is you throw them away afterwards!
Katherine M. said…
Jen, I've found having somewhat of a system works for me... wash sheets on Monday, do most wash Mondays,etc...Also, doing a little bit everyday, like instead of washing all your windows at once tackle two or three at a time. The job seems much more manageable. My favorite product is the magic sponge. It works great without much elbow grease and can make a dirty wall look like you just painted.
Katherine M. said…
Hey Jen, I think the sponge is actually called a magic eraser. Can't remember the brand name.
Anonymous said…
Jen, my roommated turned me onto a great laundry spot cleaner named Oxi-Clean. It has worked very well for me, thougn nothing is perfect. Hope that helps. Cannot wait to see you guys.

john meade

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