Back in PA.

We arrived home today at 4 p.m. It was a really peaceful trip. So I haven't checked my e-mail or looked at everyone's blogs in what feels like forever. I look forward to doing that tomorrow. We've unloaded and put away half of the stuff that was in the van. This is a major accomplishment seeing that we packed the whole van and crammed it with as much stuff as possible. Mike and I have spent the past couple of days going through our belongings in my parents barn and cleaning out the nest (where we used to live in their house.)

I'm going to finish watching to Have and to Have Not (Bogart/Bacall) with my honey and enjoy being back in our own bed. There truly is no place like home.

Look forward to sharing pictures...


Anonymous said…
As Dorothy says in the Wizard of Oz....."there is no place like home." That is my feelings too. We miss you all already but are happy to know you had a good, safe trip and that everyone is happy to be HOME.......We love you all and will be talking to you soon........thanks for the call that you arrived safely and the Good News......(report) Congrautlations to you effort.
love and misses
Ashleigh said…
Did you like the movie? Ted and I love the classic films and Ted's a big fan of Bogart. I'm pretty sure we saw that particular movie awhile back.
Jennifer said…
Ashleigh- We love Bogart! I really did enjoy the movie. I think my favorite Bogart/Bacall movie is The Big Sleep. Great movie. We also really enjoyed Key Largo as well. Yeah for old movies!
Ashleigh said…
Jennifer, Key Largo is one of Ted's favorites. My favorite Bogart has to be Casablanca. Every time I watch it I'm left wondering what Ilsa's motivations are. It always seems fresh and new.

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