Playing the Cards your dealt

So I've been sick for over a week. It's been pretty yuck. Coughing. Mucous. etc. Doctor told me Friday (um, yesterday) it's a bad head cold/chest cold. He prescribed this really strong cough medicine with codeine. It's supposed to "knock me out". But instead I'm wired. Which really stinks. Because most nights I've fallen asleep late: 2:30 a.m., 4:30 a.m., 8:30 a.m., 2:30 a.m.

I've gotten really little sleep and I'm really run down. Fun combination.

But in the midst of it I'm thankful that my husband was willing to make it as pleasant as possible. He surprised me with a pumpkin spice latte. After taking me to the doctors yesterday we got some thai food and some $5 movie bin movies and came home and chilled. The kids were elsewhere. A nice treat.

Today we drove to Edenton, N.C. We went to our favorite bookshop there Garden of Readin' and had some coffee and I got a few paperback mystery novels. We then went down the street and caught a flick together.

Nothing insanely outrageous but wonderful just the same. Thankful that I can get time with my best friend.

When Mike and I were first married I was a little crazy about our time together. Maybe the correct word is obsessive. There was never enough time together. I would get all mopey when I thought time would be cut short. And I was pretty demanding of his full attention.

But as I've matured over the years (and learned to let go) I've come to realize that any time we have together is precious. I've gotten better at improvising. I know that we don't have to spend money to have fun. I know we can make the most of every minute we get.

When Samuel was in the ICU at 7 months I remember we did  games together. We were losing our minds with anxiety. But we took turns passing paper back and forth. Playing Sudoku and filling out crossword puzzles. We made it count.

When Samuel was in PA and was hospitalized we would spend family time by bringing Libby to the hospital and we would have them take baths just like they did at home. I brought their bath toys and baby lotion and we would let them play in the tub and we would scrub them down and put them in their pajamas. They would snuggle in Samuel's hospital bed and watch a movie until it was time for either Mike or I to take Libby home.

I've learned that you don't always get dealt the cards you wanted. But it's how you play the cards that you got that matters.

I'm glad I get to play my cards with Mike. He makes a lousy hand a winning hand every day.


Lizzy said…
beautiful post, Jennifer. thank you.

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