The importance of being Batman, A morning conversation...

Weekday mornings are always an adventure. Gathering lunches and assembling backpacks and making sure everything is signed. Not to mention that everyone is wearing shoes, jackets, accessories (glasses, hearing aids, etc.) The conversations get pretty interesting... and at times debates break out. Here's my recent favorite.

Ian recently stumbled upon two costumes in the closet. Batman and Robin. He immediately decided he was  Robin and that Samuel would be Batman.

Samuel: "I'm going to be Batman for Halloween but I really wish I was going to be a Bam-pire (Vampire)."
Libby: "You know Papa doesn't want us to be evil things."
Ian: "Well, in that costume, you can still look like a Bam-pire." (pointing to the batman outfit)
Samuel: "No Ian, It's BAT-MAN!"
Libby: "Do you know why he's called Batman?" (Doesn't wait for answer and quickly continues) "It's because he only comes out at night, just like a bat. And he's dark like a bat. And his cape has curved ridges just like a bat's wings."
Me: "Wow, Libby that's really observant."
Ian: "What am I again?"
Libby: "You're Robin. You know like the Bird."
Ian: "I want to be Batboy."
Libby: "You can't be Batboy. That's not the right costume. And besides there's only batwoman, batman and Robin. Well, there was the first Robin and then the second one. I think you're the first one. He was just a little kid."


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