Tattoos, Body Paint & When the Poop Literally Hits the Fan...

So this week was eventful like all weeks around here in the Napier family home. I must confess though I wasn't expecting the poop to hit the fan... literally.

I was awoken abruptly to be informed that Peter's poopy diaper had literally hit the fan and exploded in all it's sodden glory. It's always a way to get a jump start on your day. Cleaning up scraps of soggy diaper blown into bits and I must confess my surprise to see that truly the poop was on the fan, in addition to the ceiling, the chairs, the carpet.

It didn't stop there though. Not only had Peter's diaper hit the fan, in which it was later discovered that it was not Peter who threw the diaper but a brother.... but Peter was also tattooed. And I knew it wasn't his writing because it contained the brother's signature. You'd think he'd show a little discretion. And this was after the same brother had painted his fingernails and toenails just the week prior.

So when the bus came that day Peter was only attired in a diaper and a backpack with "tattoos" on his feet and hands and a nice pedicure. Yes, we don't do halfway around here.

Hmm... Which brother did this? Note the nail polish...

Peter's New "Ink"

Some of the aftermath

Yes, I know.... and this wasn't even the grossest part. I did spare you!


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