Wednesday, May 26, 2010

be still my soul.

So, I'm sitting down. I guess that's a good thing. I'm waiting for the macaroni noodles to finish boiling. Libby's performance is tomorrow night. The timer is beeping at me. My kids are demanding milk or lunch or the bathroom. Sweat is dripping off me and I have a wet ring around my neck from doing Zumba at the YMCA.

Another timer is going off...

I need a shower. Some tylenol... and a few deep breaths.

I was supposed to send a fax out yesterday. I'm supposed to deposit something into the bank account for the bill that's being automatically withdrawn. We're almost out of groceries. But hey, we have potatoes, beans and rice :)

I have a to-do list the length of my arm. I need to make cookies for the performance tomorrow. I need to print out a form. I need to argue with the insurance company over a bill.

I am a tired, sweaty mess.

so that's a slice of my life on a typical day.

Yet, I know that this is not forever. There will be gas in the car and groceries in the cupboard soon. There will be a shower on the horizon. The cookies will get made. The dishes will get washed. The mac n'cheese will be consumed. The exercise will help alleviate stress. The fax will be sent. The insurance issues settled.

Whether my life is complete or in process mode my God is faithful. He is patiently waiting for me to depend on Him. To seek His face. These things are passing and temporary. Someday it will all pass away. Everything will disappear except God. He remains.

So right now I'm just holding onto Him. Holding onto His promises. Holding onto the fact that eternity is just a breath away.


Lizzy said...

Jennifer, thank you for your example of choosing to look heavenward and cling unto your loving Father thru each day and all that it brings.

Anonymous said...

Commented on the wrong post...the song was for this one. I LOVE YOU. have a wonderful holiday.