Great Resource for Moms!

Recently, I discovered someone named Susan Heid of The Confident Mom and I found a friend in her!!! She has a FREE 5 part mini series on being a Calm, Cool, Confident Mom. Each day for a period of 5 days you watch a 5 minute video. I found it to be so encouraging and practical. She has an application worksheet. It's very simple but I have taken away a lot to chew on. She's all about making small choices that add up to big changes. You can sign up for her mini-series here.

As an extra bonus Susan provides a free copy of her e-book: Getting Kids to Cooperate and Become Team Players: 10 Essential Strategies and Solutions

Susan of the confident Mom is all about empowering Moms, strengthening families, and embracing God's design. Check her out if you want some good parenting advice or encouragement or some fun cleaning tips. I know I sound like an advertisement. That's because this stuff is good!

Said with a squeal- Can't wait to look at her weekly household planner. Looks good!


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