The Day Before School Begins... Morning Routines & Finding Joy in the Process

School starts for us tomorrow! We begin our second year of Classical Conversations (CC). I'm the tutor for a morning class called Foundations as well as the tutor in the afternoon for the 4th to 6th graders in a class called Essentials. In Essentials I will be teaching them English Grammar (including diagramming sentences) and how to write well. Thankfully we have a curriculum that lays it all out for me. Still hard work but doable!

Last year was a whole new world with having 5 kids homeschooling all for the first time. The great thing is we bonded together as a family. Our life had been so disjointed prior... moving in so many different directions with the diverse medical needs of our family. Therapy for Michael: physical, occupational, and speech. Samuel's cancer check-ups and audiology appointments for hearing aid and hearing loss.

Was it our most successful academic year? No, of course not. But we were able to work on how we speak to one another. How we can love each other. What it means to be a part of our family. Attitudes still happened but the emotions became more tempered throughout the year. Politeness and manners were great. We enjoyed frequent trips to the zoo and the library and hunting for treasures at the thrift store.

It was also great in giving us areas to work on. We needed to develop more of a schedule and routine. I needed to accept that homeschooling does not look like doing public school at home. I'm learning more how to manage my time, meals, and schooling better. Just think of how "together" I'll be when my youngest graduates 13 years from now.... :)

I'm trusting the Lord that this process is a part of His plan. I'm not perfect. I don't have my ducks in a row. I'm just a Mom who loves Jesus and is trying to seek His Kingdom first. I'm learning how to love my family better specifically and not just in general. I'm learning what works and doesn't work for our family.

One area that I'd like to grow in is having a fixed, reliable morning routine.

I found this excellent article from author and blogger Kim Sorgius (of about finding your perfect morning routine here.

I hope it encourages you, as it has for me, with wherever you're at. Whether it's going to college or managing toddlers, homeschooling your kids or sending them on the yellow bus or getting ready to leave for work in the mornings or running your own business... I think you will find encouragement on how to get your day started right!


Unknown said…
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