A Happy, Healthy Birthday Wish!

I love that as a community we can work together to help change lives. Instead of looking the other way and dismissing people's needs we can accomplish so much more by linking arms and blessing those around us.

I know what it is to be in need. Walking through the loss of my sister and nephew,  Samuel's cancer, Michael's special needs. I know what it is to struggle financially and to struggle with my health. Juice Plus+ has been a tool that has produced so much change in my life and the life of my family.

I want to help gift my friend, Cheryl, who has been having chronic and serious medical and health issues for over a decade.

I'm eager to help her by jumpstarting her with nutrition! Would you be willing to give $5 or $10 to help her have a healthy and happy Birthday?! You can make a donation below.


I'm having a FB
party to give people the opportunity to learn more about JuicePlus+ and what concentrated fruits and vegetables can do you for your immune system, endocrine, respiratory, and cardiac systems.

Please feel free to join us in wishing Cheryl a Happy and Healthy Birthday on FB.


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