Cancer and our friend Coleson

I had the honor and privilege of attending camp at Joni and Friends this summer in North Carolina. It was an amazing time that was a tremendous respite and refreshment for our family. One of the highlights for us was getting to know our short term missionaries who served as one-on-one assistants for Michael and Samuel. What was so special is that they are brothers! And in fact their Mom and other brother was at camp.

Cade and Coleson spent so much time with Michael and Samuel. I was so amazed to see these boys so selflessly give of themselves. And not only did they care for the kids that had special needs but they played and helped us with all of our fabulous 5.

Samuel and Coleson

One of the things that struck me was the special bond I could see between Cade and Coleson. You see  as a young child Coleson was diagnosed with Diamond Blackfan Anemia (“DBA”). DBA is a rare inherited bone marrow failure syndrome, characterized by a failure of the bone marrow (the center of the bone where blood cells are made) to produce red blood cells. This failure causes DBApatients to become severely anemic.

And the beautiful thing is his older brother Cade was his donor. These guys are amazing, talented sweet guys.

They were servant hearted and worked tirelessly to give Mike and I breaks. They did incredible things like climbing up humungous rock walls and zip lining with our boys. Cade even ended up participating in Michael's portion of the Talent Show. It was such an epic night for us. 

Their act of serving us gave me excitement that maybe one day my family in turn could be a blessing to others. That we would be able to extend ourselves to bless others with special needs.

So the rest of the summer flew by in a whirlwind and I was not up to date with the Shaw family until recently when on Facebook I heard some very difficult news. Our friend Coleson has cancer. He actually has the same cancer Samuel was diagnosed with, rhabdomyosarcoma.

So I ask all of you to be praying for Coleson and the whole Shaw family as they go through this treatment with him.

I know it is not a coincidence that God put this family and ours in the same place and the same time. My heart breaks for them as I know the difficult journey that lies ahead. I also know that this family loves Jesus and knows Him personally. Their faith is incredible.

Jesus please strengthen Coleson. Protect him during his chemo treatments. Shrink the tumor in his pelvic region. Help him bear and manage the pain. Give him favor with doctors and staff. help him adjust to this new "normal" that will affect so many aspects of his life. Provide and meet every physical, spiritual, emotional, mental and financial need that they have. Give comfort and encouragement and rest and peace in spite of such turbulent times. Favor them with friends and support and love and comfort. Lord, heal our friend Coleson. Thank you that you love him and have promised to never leave or forsake him. Comfort and strengthen him and his family. In your Name Jesus we pray, Amen.


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