Peace in the Waiting...

I pull the covers almost completely over my head. Can’t I just stay in bed? When will all the hurt and pain just go away? I'm so frustrated... by my limitations, my inabilities, my lack of control. 

I’m discouraged. I hurt my back last week and am still recovering. I’m doing all the right things. Been to the chiropractor 3 times. I’ve been icing, and stretching and using biofreeze and arnica gel and essential oils for sore muscles. 

And I still can’t safely work out yet… So I must wait. 

Waiting is never a fun thing for me. I hate being still. I’d much rather get something accomplished because I feel worthy if I’m productive. Scary, right? So when I’m unable to be productive and get things done then I feel worthless. Yikes. 

What if my value isn’t from a clean house and a perfectly made meal? What if who I am isn’t based on the car I drive or how well behaved my children are?

So what if our worth doesn’t come from what we’ve done. What if it comes from something greater and deeper. What if it comes from God. What if it comes from what He’s done on my behalf. What if all that is needed is for me to trust in His finished and perfect work. What if He took my place and bore my sin and shame so that I could become righteous. I have to trust and believe that He is who He says He is. What if being in Him is enough? 

So, I’m not magically fixed. My back still hurts. My muscles are tender. But I can rest knowing that I am a child who is dearly loved and being made more and more into the likeness of my Savior Jesus Christ. And that is my hope for today. 


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