Surgery, Seals and more surrender.

Michael's Seal
Tomorrow morning I intend to wake up early...To pack my bag for the hospital, finish the last minute odds and ends and double-check Michael packed the necessities in addition to his birthday cards, a fortune cookie, and a 5 pack puzzle of Paw Patrol. I'm up late switching laundry. I just put the larger than life overstuffed seal into the dryer along with puppy (also a stuffed animal). They have been thoroughly washed and hopefully will be sufficiently dry for the morning.

Michael is going into CHKD for cleft palate repair. He hasn't had a surgery on his cleft palate for almost 8 years... so it's been a while. A little nervous but I know he's going to do great. I wish I could say the same for myself. I mean, I will be fine. It's just this continual process of letting go of my fear and worry and anxiety and trusting God... you know, that's all.

We've been pushing for this procedure for over a year. With the help and advocacy of Michael's speech therapist we are finally moving forward.

So in addition to it being May the 4th be with you... it's also a day to wait in the hospital and hang out overnight.

How you can pray:

- Pray for a smooth procedure. It's scheduled to take over 3.5 hours. We are hoping the fissure in his cleft will be full and completely blocked so that Michael's hypernasality will be reduced and so he can speak in sentences without running out of breath.

-Pray for Michael to find another self-comfort other than putting his hands in his mouth. He has sucked his hand since he was in the womb. We've been trying to break him of this habit but have had no success. We have  an arm restraint that he will be wearing. It is his greatest comfort to suck his hand and we have to keep things out of his mouth. Hoping to find another replacement to engage his hands.

-Pray that we have a smooth adjustment coming back home and settling in. Mike will be leaving to go out of town for work and this is hard for all of us but especially for Michael.

-Pray for full healing and recovery

And so I surrender again. I lay down my hopes and expectations and ask God the creator and sustainer of Michael to come and bring peace through His Holy Spirit. To cast out all fear with His perfect love and to remind me continually that God loves Michael infinitely more than I possibly could.


Caterncat said…
Thanks for sharing, Jennifer. You are so strong and inspire me with your writings and talent of words. I love you and your beautiful family so much. Will be praying! XOXO

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