What do you do with a broken heart?

There are some personal circumstances that are very heartbreaking right now. Each time I think about the situation I am quickly gripped by panic, fear and deep sadness. I have to stop, take a deep breath, exhale and surrender it to God.

Life has not turned out the way I thought it would... once again. I bet Joseph in the Bible could say the same. Poor guy, gets sold into slavery by his brothers, attempted to be seduced by his boss wife, who cries "rape" and thrown in jail and forgotten. I'm not unjustly living in jail so that's good.

But like Joseph I hope to also be able to say, "What you intended for evil, God intended for good."

Trusting Jesus with my broken heart, all the million shattered pieces and knowing that my Redeemer is able. He is good.

My two favorite songs right now are Even If by Mercy Me and Trust in You by Lauren Daigle. They keep me pointing back to Jesus.

Sometimes it comes out as a whisper... but i can still say, It is well with my soul.


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