8 years

Tomorrow is Peter’s 8th birthday. Where has the time gone? 8 years ago Samuel was going through chemo treatment and I was on bedrest having pre-term contractions. And then Peter was here. That sweet chunky little cherub with the dark hair and blue eyes. What a blessing in the midst of such difficulty and challenges. This precious babe in the midst of our oldest son losing his hair, vomiting regularly, and facing down death.

How much God has brought us through. How He sustained us by His loving hand. I wish I could separate Peter’s birth from Samuel’s cancer but i can’t. We were in 2 hospitals next to each other. Samuel at CHKD. I at Norfolk General. Mike running back and forth between the two of us. Oh those painful days. 

And yet. God’s faithfulness. His promises to never leave or forsake us. His loving kindness sustaining us.

And here we are. 8 years later. Through many ups and downs. Good times and bad. We are still here. And God has remained. Thankful for the sweet, funny smart little boy God has given us. Peter Joel, you are such a joy to our lives!


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