Happy Endings.

Last night was a normal night. Preparing dinner. Getting kids into bed. Doing the teeth brushing ceremonies. The pajama dance. And bedtime reading ritual.

And then I got a message. "They are okay. Kristin and Madison were in a car accident." My stomach dropped. The love I feel for my sister-in-law and my baby niece is intense. If things weren't "okay" I would have been undone.

It's moments like those that I recognize how blessed I am. And how much I love.

The thing I appreciated about how I was told was the first sentence. "They are okay." I know the end result before I even knew what happened.

It's kind of a reminder of where I'm at. I have the promises of God and the hope of Heaven to propel me forward. So the bad thing that happen now are okay. I know the ending.

I wish I could remind myself of this reality regularly. In the end all will be well. This isn't the end of the story. We're caught in the middle right now.

Can you imagine watching a movie that is horribly intense and sad... with tremendous suffering. And you were left hanging not knowing what the ending is... but what if you were to watch that same movie and you knew that the ending was not only good but redemptive, beautiful, and transforming. That is our story.

If our hope is in Jesus Christ, our Savior, then we know the ending. And it's not just okay... it's AMAZING. Beyond what we can imagine. We will live with God for ever. No more sin, sorrow, suffering. No tears of grief. No more loss. No more jealousy. No more comparing. No more gossip. No more murder. No more hatred. No more crime. No more frustration. And more than the absence of pain and the consequences of sin... but the presence of God. He has given us Himself. All things will be made new. And we will be HOME. The place where we were made for. In the presence of the One who made us, loves us, redeems us, and transforms us into His likeness.

It's the ultimate ending...


abbey said…
Great reminder today Jennifer! SO glad Kristin and Madison are okay!! Wow.

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