Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Schooling & other new endeavors.

so the plan has been to homeschool Libby this year...

We had been talking and planning on it all spring and summer. Change of plans. She asked me a couple of daygs ago if she could go back to school. I'm fine with that. I hadn't purchased my curriculum yet. I have it all picked.

The deal is she will go to school with her brothers and then when we move to Norfolk we'll start homeschooling her. This actually provides the opportunity for me to focus on packing/moving stuff and not starting a huge endeavor but I'm looking forward to teaching her.

I'm excited and I'm also a nervous wreck.

I had told myself that "I will not homeschool my kids". Don't know where I got that. I guess I just didn't want the pressure. I didn't want to conform to a mold. Funny because, I loved my homeschooling experiences. I was homeschooled 5th and 6th grade and 11th and 12th. It was a fantastic time. I guess I felt inadequate for ME to be the teacher. That I didn't have what it took. ETC.

My plan is to homeschool Libby at this point. The boys will continue being in public school which has been a huge blessing for all the special needs that we've had going on. Speech therapy. IEP. all the extra help, etc.

Kids have backpacks and all school supplies.

One thing that i love about God is that He has different things for us at different times. He allows us to explore different options and have different experiences. What works for my family is different from what works for someone else. And yet in each of our ways we can bring glory to God in our lives.

I got advice from a long-time friend today and was encouraged to Start Simple and Keep it simple. Good advice. There are so many things I want to do and get involved with. Asking the Lord to direct our steps and lead us on this path.

The main reason I wanted to homeschool was that Libby told me she doesn't have enough time with me. Her days get so full of school, travel by bus alone takes up over 2 hours of the day, and then homework. So I look forward to that time with her.

So moving. Homeschooling.

My new niece is scheduled to arrive next Tuesday (the 20th). So excited to have a new little one in the house. Our household is growing to 14! So proud of my brother and sister-in-law. So excited for my niece Madison to be a big sister. Loving having my 89 year old grandmother living with us. It's been such a joy to have her here.

Lots of changes and adjustments. Life has been a rollercoaster in terms of anticipation. We've had lots of good things happen and a lot of big needs come up. Trusting the Lord with all the details and believing that He has good things in store for us beyond what we can see.

So this year twins will start kindergarten. Samuel is in 2nd grade and Libby in 3rd. Where does the time go???

Taking a deep breath and plunging forward with my eyes fixed on Christ. He is the sustainer. Redeemer. Hope. Life-giver. promise keeper. He satisfies us with His love. He gives joy and meaning and hope to each day and in all our lives.

Pushing forward.

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