Why I'm never bored...

Last week had been full of days of disaster. From broken glass (4 items broken in under a 24 hour period, including at porcelain penguin at Target) to spilled Kefir (an entire yogurt bottle) dumped all over the counter and the floor... and then sprinkled with a box of Rice Krispies.

Peter is coming into his own element.

Today I made up a new container of cinnamon sugar. this is a favorite for my kids and my Grandmother. They love cinnamon toatst and I also add it to their unsweetened applesauce. So I made up a new batch and was proud of myself.

I had a meeting at my dining room table with someone who helps oversee Michael's medical care and during that time Peter dumped out 2/3 of my cinnamon sugar bottle all over the kitchen floor and into the mat.

yes, this just keeps happening.

From candy littering the floor with tootsie pops opened, licked, and left on the floor everywhere to stickers, coloring all over items on toys and books, from pencils, crayons & markers . To chocolate smeared faces.

Peter has learned how to pull a chair over to the fridge and climb up and get the candy we had hidden away. We need to get a lockbox for candy.

If you think being a Mom is boring, think again!


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