A Week's Worth

Things to note in the last week:

We had 5 additional people in our home for almost a week

Thought the kids had strep but instead they had foot and mouth virus. Fevers and sores in their mouths. Very sore throats. Thankfully it didn't last too long.

Peter got burned at Starbucks by kids hot chocolate. Lid came off and burned his chest, legs, mouth and chin. temperature was way too hot. Thankfully got cool water on him quickly and instead of a 2nd degree burn it was only a first.

We were given a used fridge! Now I have two fridges. Amazing. This was also filled with groceries by our generous guests.

Given an organizing re-do... some very helpful creative organizing done in the kitchen. Such a huge lift.

Started chiropractic care for our whole family. Excited at the healthy changes we've started and will be continuing!

Mike preaches this Sunday "How the Gospel Applies to Life's Everyday Disappointments"

Michael has "surgery" scheduled this week. He will have extensive dental work on every single tooth. Requiring significant repair and potential removal of teeth. Due to cleft palate/g-tube feed for over 5 years/propensity to store food in his cheeks/reflux/ hand sucking he's experienced a lot of acid which has made his teeth rot. Time to repair. Mike will be out of town for some much needed work hours.

Whew... intense but God is at work. So thankful for God's faithfulness again and again!


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