Letting it Go...A Diamond in the Rough, A Baby Moose in the Buff

Sometimes you go to a friends house and end up with only 1 pull-up... because your son pooped in the other one...And then when you get there he proceeds to go down a slide that ends in a baby pull full of water and gets completely soaked. And then the pull-up he was wearing is ruined. So you let him run around naked the rest of the time. Because you know when you leave you only have one pull up to put him in and no clothes (because they're wet)... and your friend is kind and gracious and lets you keep your kid naked because she knows if I put the pull-up on then and there he will ruin it by going down the slide AGAIN.

So thanks Jess. Thanks for putting up with my child's nakedness and the chaos that descends when my fabulous 5 descend upon your Terrific Trio.

And the beauty of being with a good friend is you can get naked. Not literally. All my clothes stayed on. But I could bare my heart and soul. I could be vulnerable about  my inabilities and failings and my turmoil and grief. And I can be accepted despite my sinfulness, my flaws, my mistakes. And I can be  loved even when it's not pretty.k


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