Turkey Tom Jones and His Poor Smoky Bones... What happened Thanksgiving Night.

(True Story. Hope it made you laugh. My attempts at turkey stock gone awry.)

Turkey Tom Jones & His Poor Smokey Bones
                    by Jennifer Napier

                                                         Twas the evening of Thanksgiving, and I came back to my home
with the intent to prepare some soup and write a lovely poem
With a huge cooking pot and the carcass of Turkey Tom Jones
I filled up the pot with water and seasoned all the bones.

I started my gas range and began the most glorious of turkey stock,
that was my hope, what I planned, what I thought.
But I didn't realize that my gas range is not like a crock pot
And put the setting on high to get it real hot.

We gladly watched a movie, we whiled away our time
Our pot all a boilin', the stock bubbling just fine
The minutes turned to hours and I was distracted in my mind
I was completely oblivious to my culinary crime.

I was all excited at the thought of my domesticity
When my husband said to me quite simply
We should check the stove and see about the turkey
And see how this stock is coming along. Okay, let's go see.

Oh yes. Sure. Of course. What a delight.
But instead of pleasure, we got quite a fright.
Smoke billowed. Alarm beeped. Something wasn't right.
The water boiled out and the pot was an awful sight.

There was smoke. There was burning. There was an awful mess.
I was concerned and frightened but I really must confess
My pride was hurt more by my lack of domestic bliss
I thought I was a good cook, but now felt amateur at best.

We opened wide the windows. We used fans to clear the smoke,
We turned on the air purifier and made sure the kids wouldn't choke
There was no damage beyond my pride and our scratchy throats
from some smoke inhalation of my meal-gone-wrong-joke.

So thankful to be alive. So thankful we caught it in time.
So thankful the house didn't burn. So thankful it wasn't worse.
So thankful that all had ended well and we now have a great story to tell.
Just take my advice in case you haven't learned....
put your put on low or you'll ruin your bird!


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