Ministry: Where I Am & Where I'm Going...

I was sitting in Panera at a typical monthly meeting, listening to the core team in my church plant discuss the usual.

But then something happened.

I'm not sure what exactly.

I felt this tingle in my spine as my pastor and my brother-in-law started discussing their most recent trip to Uganda. And I had a vision of rocking African babies and serving. It was big. Bigger than I can express at the moment.

It kind of hit me like a bolt of lightning. I could feel the energy and excitement tingle in my toes and fingertips.

Am I crazy? Is this crazy? I've never had a heart for Africa? I've never had a desire to go that continent, with the small exception of visiting the pyramids in Egypt.

I kind of pictured my missionary days as being over ever since I've married and settled down and had 5 kids.

But a seed was planted. A small little seed of hope was dug into my heart. And it's been watered and the sun has shone on this seed and now I have a little plantling of faith growing.

If the Lord wills. If He provides. If I continue to save.....
                           ...My hope, my goal, my vision is to be in Uganda. My plan is to go with my church on a missions trip this January. We're talking in less than 6 months.

My purpose is to go and serve and to love and help.

Sanyu Babies Home is my destination.

My goal at the orphanage and babies home is to help support the staff by helping in their round the clock care of children. Feeding babies in the night. Rocking. Diapering. Loving. If I can and it's helpful I'd also like to assist in the construction and repair projects that are needed.

A lot of my habits are built around making this trip happen. When I exercise and do cardio and strength training it's so that I'm more equipped and more able to serve in Uganda. When I'm tutoring any financial compensation I receive is going towards my Uganda trip. I'm even contemplating giving up my Starbucks coffee habit (um, addiction) in exchange for filling up my Africa jar. Oh dear Lord, you must be moving me!

Praying for creative ways to work and earn money for this trip. I'm so excited to see what the Lord has.

I'm thankful that I can minister and serve where ever I am. Whether it's cleaning my bathroom or teaching my children. Whether it's providing someone with a meal or encouraging a new Mom. God is equipping me to love and serve where I am. Whether in my home or on the other side of the world.

This is a bold and brave step for me. To leave my husband and my fabulous 5 littles and journey around the globe. But I want this. I can taste it. January 2-10... starting my New Year in a new continent for me. Seeing God's bigness in the little and the mundane and in the face of each child. Serving in simple ways. It's not glorious or earth shattering but being faithful step by step.

If this is the path the Lord has me, and I believe it is, I want to walk it, in faith.

So I train. I grow stronger. I choose healthier foods. I need a strong body and a strong mind. I need to plan and prepare. I want to commit to memorizing His Word. I want to pray, pray, pray.

Missions at home. Missions overseas. Missions where ever God has me. That's where I'm going.


Sarah said…
Oh Jennifer, you are going to LOVE Uganda. I can totally imagine you there! The last time I was there I flew out on January 2nd too - so lovely how despite the miles and the years our journeys are kind of linked together. Uganda is an incredible country and I have been blessed beyond my imagining both times I visited. Would love to pray for you as you follow God's stirring in your heart - drop me an email with any prayer points? So excited for you xxx

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