Ultimate Gift-Giving...

In the hustle and bustle of the season I'm thankful that I have had time to stop. Time to reflect. I haven't made my schedule too full or too tight. I have these gaps of time... well, mainly to clean the house and keep up with laundry.. but at least a time that's not always scheduled.

I've been thinking about Jesus. His coming in the form of a small vulnerable child. His willingness to put on skin and be made flesh. I'm so thankful. I was thinking about my gifts this year. Pale and unpromising. Nothing special. Mostly for my kids. I felt low. Felt ashamed. I don't have much to bring. I'm not going to be lighting up eyes this year. But it got me thinking... the ultimate gift has already been given.

Jesus is that ultimate gift. He gave us Himself. He gave us His perfect life and died the death we deserve and if we are found in Him, if our faith and our hope are in Him, than we have a hope unshakeable. We have the Only gift that is truly needed. That can truly change us. That can give us joy.

So this year, I don't have much to bring in terms of physical presents... but I can point to the ultimate gift. And you can receive Him. It's up to you. He doesn't force His way in. He doesn't demand anything from you. He simply bids you come. He says you are welcome and there's a place at His table.

And how generous of a God who knows my heart longs to give gifts to recognize that He is the BEST Giver... and His gift is the most precious in the world.

Thank you Jesus!


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