Autumn Musings.

Days are long and intense. They are full of flavor and zip and quick thinking. I find myself multi-tasking all day long and yet trying to squeeze precious moments in as well. Yesterday I made pumpkin bars for the kids. A fun after school snack for a drizzly day.

The leave covered candle burns infusing the smells of autumn in the kitchen.

Mike has had work again! Hallelujah. Such a blessing. It's wonderful. This has also created a need for adjustments on my end because it means managing everything myself in regards to pick-ups, drop-offs, appointments.

Planning has been key. Chiropractor. Dr. appointments. Glasses ordered for Michael (they're going to be so cool!) Therapy. Groceries. Errands. Post office. Etc.

Homework time goes over better if Peter is napping during that time. I'm also learning i need to give ian and michael tasks to keep them from distracting Libby and Samuel. So, chores are becoming a thing.

"Hey guys, take this rag and wipe the stairs down."

"Help me unload the dishwasher."

I've also been trying to process life over the past decade. Particularly Samuel's cancer. So much of me is  just begging for it to be "over" and "done." And yet, it's this long road. Journey. Full of all these what-ifs I try no to dwell on. I try to focus on the next task. Making the next meal. Doing the next load of laundry. Helping with the next math assignment. Laughing at the next funny thing they say!

Surrender isn't a one time thing. It's a daily, sometimes moment by moment choice to give myself, and those I love to God. So, I surrender all. All to Jesus, I surrender. I surrender all.


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