Possum. It's What for Breakfast!

 Mailbox Munchies... or Not.
No time to cook!
Grab a CAN!
Mike found a dead possum in our mailbox this morning. Apparently someone is unhappy with us. I know that's an assumption but I don't know of anyone who puts dead anything in someone's mailbox being a good sign.

Oh I know they were wanting to provide breakfast! Nothing like a good possum omlette to brighten the day or perhaps a stew for lunch!

Just kidding.

But in all seriousness. I did find this recipe online....

Wild Possum Kabob

Ingredients:1 Still breathing, corn-fed Possum
3 Ripe but firm tomatoes
1 Large white or yellow onion
1/2 pound large mushrooms
2 large green peppers
1 package meat marinade
1/2 cup soy sauce
12 skewers (sticks are okay in Arkansas)

The possum must be alive so that you can scare it, giving you the "wild" taste from all the adrenaline it produces. It is best to hit it over the head with a large object in a humane manner. Boil the possum for 3 minutes to loosen the fur then skin and gut it.
De-limb (chop the little knubby legs off) the possum and cut the meat into 1/2 inch square chunks.
Marinate overnight in a mixture of meat marinade and soy sauce. Kentucky residents who have no fridge can use an ice chest and may use radiator coolant instead of soy sauce.
Thread the meat and veggies onto your skewer/stick in alternating sequences to distribute the delicious flavor evenly.
Cook over a barbecue, pit, 50 gallon drum or any other fire till you get the desired result. For added flavor, you can cook it over burning tires.
Servings: 6
Calories: 12,342
Carbs: Holly 4-barrel
Fat: If you eat this kind of crap, fat probably isn't your biggest concern.
---Contributed by Don Shaw (Don@barditch.com)


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