Monday, December 09, 2013

Putting Out Fires...

It's 1 p.m and I still haven't gotten around to eating today. What with packing lunches and stuffing my kids with breakfast and lunch it felt like I must have surely eaten something. Nope. Just a double pack of emergen-c.

Last night Peter finally learned how to turn on the stove. There was a cardboard pizza box on the stove and it caught on fire. The downstairs filled with smoke and my grandmother told the kids to quickly go upstairs and get Papa. He went down. I was napping but woke up quickly with bile burning my throat from the smoke.

Mike opened the windows and aired out the house. The cardboard box went outside in the rain. I cleaned up the burners.

It was as I was telling my Mom this morning, "that I felt as though I'm constantly putting out fires..." that I realized the irony of it and started laughing.

This morning Ian brokea framed picture when trying to retrieve his backpack. Glass all over the floor. Michael went to school with 2 mismatched shoes (an oversized army green croc and one black patent leather church shoe) and I didn't realize til he was about to board the bus. Peter jumped in puddles and had muddy water all over his clothes.

And Murphy Bear (my parents chocolate lab) added to the scene his muddy paws all over the interior of my car. Clean car or dead dog? Would rather keep the dog alive. He always seems to know when I'm taking the boys to the bus and goes and finds us at the end of our loooooong driveway. The traffic is enough on Ballahack to kill him which scares me so I put him in the car and drive him back home after the boys get on the bus.

It's never-ending. The messes. The broken items. The boys have broken 2 lamps in just this past week alone! The out of sorts normal that is my life.

Peter is napping and then it's off to get the kids from the bus and go to the doctors in VA Beach which will take an hour for an hour long appointment and then to drive home and make dinner and do homework and clean dishes and pack lunches all over again.


Some days I wish I could just pull the blankets over my head and stay in bed.

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