What's in Your Vitamin?

Are you taking one a day or centrum? Do you miss taking your vitamins because you can't tell a difference when you're not taking them? It's because you're body isn't equipped to absorb the nutrients. Centrum or one a day absorb less than 10%.  Even one of my favorite brands, Shaklee only absorbs 23%! With my vitamins at Melaleuca my body is absorbing 85% of the nutrients. That's nutrition that I can feel! Why? Because it's using Oligo. (O-lee-go)

I mentioned in my past post that I am currently taking Melaleuca'sVitality 4 essentials for women which contains four patented or proprietary formulas for
My Vitamins

1.)  Energy and well-being
2.)  Bone Health
3.)  Antioxidant Protection-
4.)  Digestive Health

This is what that is included: 30 AM & 30 PM packets with the following: You want to know more?

vitality multivitamin and mineral- 24 essential nutrients to enhance well-being, with patented Oligo technology, scientifically proven to deliver maximum mineral absorption and antioxidant protection.

My husbands vitamins
vitality calcium complete- Helps strengthen bones with a 4-source calcium plus magnesium and vitamin-D powered by Oligo to maximize mineral absorption.

cell-wise- Patent pending broad spectrum antioxidant that helps protect against free radicals and protmotes healthy skin using olive and grape seed extracts, lycopene, mixed tocopherols and carotenoids, and vitamin C.

florify- Two strains of probiotics to help improve the absorption of nutrients and maintain good digestive health.

You want to know more? Ask me. Call. F.B. Text. E-mail. I'd love to help answer your questions!


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