Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Why I love Melaleuca...

Recently I found a new way to shop. It’s through a wellness company called Melaleuca (Mell-ah-Luke-ah)  It saves me time and money, and offers products that are safer and healthier for my family. I have found cleaning supplies that are free of harsh and toxic chemicals at a fraction of the price.

E.G. One bottle of concentrated MelaPower tub & tile for  $5.60 makes 6 spray bottles of cleaner.

But it’s not just cleaning supplies, I LOVE their vitamins. They give me real energy. Maybe that’s because my body absorbs 85% of the vitamin (compared to less than 10% with a Centrum or 1 a day). I don’t feel buzzed or jittery just awake and able to function. Last month everyone got sick and I didn’t. Hm, maybe it’s because I was taking the vitamins? 

This month Mike started on them as well. He’s taking the men’s Vitality 4.

If you're wondering, hey, why are you sick now??? It's because I went 2 weeks without my vitamins. I'm telling you- they make a difference! What's funny is Mike's been taking them... and he didn't get sick like the rest of us.

This month Mike started on them as well. He’s taking the men’s Vitality 4.
I am currently taking Vitality 4 essentials for women which contains four patented or proprietary formulas for

1.)  Energy and well-being
2.)  Bone Health
3.)  Antioxidant Protection-
4.)  Digestive Health

I love the way I feel. More energetic. Able to sleep better. Able to get through my day without falling apart. Not groggy in the morning. I’ve noticed an improvement in my skin, hair and nails.

My vitamins come prepackaged for me with an already packaged dose for AM & PM. No counting out my vitamins and separating them into containers. And they’re packaged for convenience so I keep some at home, some in my purse, some in my diaper bag… This way I don’t forget to take my vitamins!

Because they manufacture their own products (made right her in the USA) and they don't use marketing and advertising (which inflates the prices of products)  I am able to get great prices for great products.

I love Melaleuca! Try it- I bet you'll love it too! 

Feel free to ask me any questions!!!! F.B./e-mail, phone, etc.

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