Baby Steps.

Okay, I'm being silly. I have been hesitant to post anything because I love adding pictures to my stories. I'm getting obsessed with pictures. This post doesn't require a picture so here I go. I just enrolled for classes with the Global College of Natural Medicine. I am working towards their Nutritional Consultant Program. I have 12 months to complete the program. Wow. I'm a student again. How fun and scary. I look forward to learning more about nutrition and preventitive medicine. I kind of wanted to have my act together before I started, you know practice what you preach sort of thing... oh well, I'm just jumping in and learning and applying as I go. So here I jump.


Caren said…
Thats awesome Jen! I hope you really like it :) I cant wait to finish school...maybe in the next couple of years....:)
Merry Christmas!
Anonymous said…
I'm so excited and proud of you Jenn! I hope you truly enjoy it and have fun learning more about nutrition and preventitive medicine! I love you!!
Anonymous said…
Yahoo! You did it!! Congrats! I know you're going to do a great job :-)
Michelle said…
Jennifer, you are a brave woman and I admire you for it. It can sometimes be a bit scary to follow your dreams but I know you will do well. Congratulations.

By the way, I got my first "Eating Well" magazine in the mail and am loving it! Thank you!! :-)
Ashleigh said…
Jennifer, that's great!

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