Bandaid Idolatry

We all have funny idols. Okay, maybe we don't think they're funny. There are a lot of things that consume us... that try to take our attention and passion from God. For some it's t.v., or leisure. Maybe it's music or movies or having to be right. For my two year old daughter it's band-aids. She's addicted. She is hooked on her strawberry shortcake bandaids. It all started with "mommy" getting an "owie" on her finger. All of a sudden (magically) Libby had an owie on her finger too. Well, bandaid to the rescue. It's been downhill from there. She wants them on her arms, her fingers, and hands. Mike was going CRAZY and finally said, "Libby's idol is bandaids!" I laughed so hard I almost fell out of my seat. It sounds ridiculous. I wonder if that's what we look like to God. We yell for our "bandaids", when he offers the real deal. So don't sell out friends. Cling to Jesus. Turn to Him to meet your needs.


Michelle said…
Mine were Holly Hobby Bandaids. Only, I won't use them even when I had an owie 'cause I didn't want to run out of them ever. I still may have one in my treasure box. ;-)
Ashleigh said…
Jennifer, that's too funny! If Olivia sees me with a bandaid, she wants one too. However, she's not quite that obsessed! :-) I love the spirtual lesson you point out from it. It's it amazing what God can teach us through our kids?

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