Cookies with Grandma.

One of my favorite traditions during Christmas is baking cookies with my grandmother. My grandmother does the hard part and makes the dough ahead of time and I come over and roll out the dough and use the cookie cutters. Trees, stars,angels, gingerbread men, etc. It's wonderful. This was Samuel's first year, so it was fun to have him around although he slept most of the time.

Libby was asleep for the most part as well. When she was awake she helped me frost a cookie or two but she was more interested in having a tea party. She poured the "tea" all by herself and sipped daintily from the cup. What fun!


Anonymous said…
Making cookies with grandma IS a fun tradition!I miss you guys.
Anonymous said…
This was certainly a highlight for Great-grandma who not only loves her first born granddaughter, but adores, and feels God has privileged me to have two wonderful great-grandchildren to be able to hold, touch and love on....and the grace and ability to do so. Treasured Jennifer, I love you and thank God for your generous....and creative heart. So delighted to be included in your plans for the holidays, I miss you and your precious ones and look forward with excitement to your next visit. XOXOXOX
Michelle said…
Hey jennifer... I tagged you. Check out my blog for details. :-)
Ashleigh said…
Love the tea party picture! :-)
Anonymous said…
Jen-- I've just discovered your blog. Keep it coming. It's wonderful to be able to read your thoughts and share the pictures. I miss you. We continue to pray for you.

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