Happy Spring!

there is a bear in the bed... or at least he sounds like one. So much to do tomorrow but so much on my mind tonight that is keeping me awake... and probably my date with Libby tonight didn't help either (we went to Starbucks... need I say more?) Thoughts of the future, little to-do lists, questions, doubts, hopes, goals, and random wondering. I finally got my pictures functioning again. I haven't uploaded the St. Patrick's day pics of the kids yet.. they'll be coming.

Mike has a major paper due Thursday and we're having a party tomorrow night to celebrate the anniversary of Samuel's coming home from the hospital, the first day of spring. Party is probably not the best timing for him but I'm excited to celebrate and so will put the work on me... cleaning, cooking, etc.

Mmmm... spring. I'm looking forward to warmer weather and long walks with the kids. Libby is getting excited about Easter... well mostly about eggs, but I'm trying to figure out how to explain what it's really about. How do you tell a two year old about Jesus' death and resurrection?! Well i really should go to bed... it's after midnight and I have a lot to do tomorrow.

Happy Spring! I thought bears don't hibernate in the spring... the sweet one next to me..um, he hibernates on!


Anonymous said…
Hey Jennifer! The time difference means hopefully you are asleep right now - despite the distractions!! But also means I get to post first.... Hope you are fully enjoying Spring. We had snow yesterday (what's up with that?) but it's better today - freeeeeezing cold but sunny. It's amazing how much the sun does to cheer you up! I hope you have a fabulous time at the party tonight, and it definitely is a great reason to celebrate... I'm sure there will be other people joining your celebrations at a distance from all over the world - I know I will be! Great to see Samuel looking so well and so cute in the picture with his Daddy today as well - God is good! Am going to send you some material we've been using at church with all of our gorgeous preschoolers just in case you can get more ideas of how to have fun celebrating Easter with Libby. Will get it all in the mail to you this week.... Love ya xxx
Ashleigh said…
Jennifer, love the picture of Mike and Samuel. It's one of those great moments captured on film.

Hope you guys have a great party -- the anniversary of Samuel coming home is a wonderful reason for celebration!
Michelle said…
Dear Jesus, I pray that my future husband does not snore. Amen.
Anonymous said…
I love you Jenn and love your blog!
I think spring is my favorite season. I just love to watch every thing bloom and grow and be able to celebrate Easter. Also it's not super hot yet!
Jenn said…
Have a fun celebration! Love Jenn
Anonymous said…
This is a wonderful example of Our Father's Love for us.....the big, powerful Daddy loving and protecting the Son.......the Love on Samuel's face as he looks at Mike brings tears to my mother's heart.......tears of Joy and rejoicing.....Praise God for sustaining and keeping this precious babe.

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