My little bunnies.

my baby bunnies. I so love to watch them play together. They really love each other and make each other laugh and smile. When Libby wakes up in the morning she always asks for her "Baby Brudder" (brother)... baby Samuel, which sounds more like "Baby Samwell". She gets so excited when she sees him. She likes to stand up and put her feet in the bars of his crib and pat him on the head and tell him good morning.
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aren't they precious?
Samuel's a bit dazed. He did not like wearing the ears and was quick to pull them off. Libby only liked them if she could see how they looked in the mirror.

The party went great! The kids enjoyed using their ducky bubbles and I had a good time making pizzas with the help of my friends. It's really been fun getting to know the people in our home group at church and to have our church world and school world mix.


Ashleigh said…
So cute!!!
Anonymous said…
Can't Wait to see those precious little bunnies.....oh my.....if all goes well........we'll see you tomorrow..'
Anonymous said…
I can't wait to see what they'll be wearing at Easter!! Their cuties! xoxoxo
T said…
So cute!! The party was great to be safely, friend!
Bethany said…
Too cute. Happy Easter.

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