Paper Days

Samuel has gotten really enthralled with the newspaper lately. We daily make use of the paper. Mike and I almost always do the crossword puzzle. I do the word jumble and Libby looks at the Peanuts Comic Strip and points at Snoopy ("Soopy") and Charlie Brown (who she refers to as "Brownie"). But Samuel I think loves the paper more than the rest of us. He rolls in it. He makes it make crinkling noises. He attempts to eat it. It's never a dull moment when the newspaper is around.


Ashleigh said…
Too cute! I love how little ones can turn anything into a toy.

Thanks so much for your card, Jennifer! I'm going to write you an email soon. :-)
Bethany said…
He is such a cutie.
Anonymous said…
I love how interested he is in international relations already. That headline is something to smile about.

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