I've been attempting to add a new post for quite a while here but have been unsuccessful in uploading my pictures so that they would post... so for the time being there are no pictures. Thank you all for your support during this week for me. It's been emotionally intense but also pleasant in remembering things about my sister and the memories that I have and that you might have about her.

Things around here have been loud. The kids have been loud. I have been loud. We're all a bit loud. Full of squeals of laughter and loud sobbing tears. Not much quiet around here. that's what I'm praying it will be tomorrow on the ride down to Va... nice and quiet. We'll see if that happens. We're going down to enjoy some time with Mike's grandparents who live in Colorado.

I've been a bit raw and vulnerable lately... and my emotional begins to affect my physical being. So I hope for a little peace. We'll see, "The Make a joyful noise unto the Lord" might win out.

We've been enjoying the sunny weather here and have taken the kids out to play... kicking a ball around and taking walks around Westminster. It's been delightful. I hope the great weather keeps up because I bought the kids the cutest little St. Patrick's Day shirts and would love to show you all a pic of them in their cute shirts.

Wishing you sunshine in your day, no matter what the weather.


Ashleigh said…
Hope you have a great trip and am praying for some peace and quiet. :-)
Jenn said…
Enjoy your trip, can't wait to see your cute St. Patty kids! Love you, Jenn

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