Monday, November 01, 2010

The Waiting Game.

In case you've been wondering what's going on or where I've been I have two words: No Internet. Not having access to internet when you're on "bedrest" really stinks. So, enough said I will try to update you.

Samuel and I are still playing flip-flop hospital visits with Mike. Poor guy.

I'm having a lot of contractions but nothing productive... yet :)

I'm 37 weeks (as of yesterday). It's great to be full-term. Last Monday I had an ultrasound appointment. The technician had a really clear view and "accurate" measurements. It looks like Peter was 8 lbs, 13 oz. So, surprise, surprise... a big baby boy. We'll see how accurate it is when he's born.

I'll be honest... trying to attempt a VBAC doesn't sound like a great option to me if he's over 10 pounds. So, I'm thinking this week or forget it... I'll go c-section. I don't want my uterus to rupture... I don't want a broken pelvic bone. I don't want a baby stuck... he's got a pretty big head...

Libby can't wait to meet Peter. She talks about it all the time.I can't wait too. I'm really actually excited to go into real labor and "do this thing".

Libby's birthday party was a total success last week-end. We also celebrated on Sunday with all our family the next night. Samuel was home!

That night I went into heavy contractions. Again, every 2 minutes. They gave me an IV and pain meds and then sent me home at 4:30 in the morning. We then got up a couple of hours later to go to my doctor's appt. I've caught up on sleep for the most part but Mike really hasn't. He needs a week of sleep to recover from the past 3 months.

I was in the hospital a few nights ago. I felt a tear and thought it might have been my placenta. I stopped feeling Peter move and got nervous. So we went in to get monitored. 5 hours later... back home. Peter was looking great but they didn't like my contractions. Come on? Are we really surprised by these contractions. Okay, at least I'm not.

So, last night we had a low-key party. Burned some wood and trash and enjoyed hotdogs with family and a few friends. It was a great evening full of yummy food, good conversation, and the warmth of fellowship.

Libby was dressed as Ariel. Michael was a lion. Samuel was Luke Skywalker. Ian was a fighter pilot in a flight suit. They were so cute and had a blast and way, way, too much candy.

Samuel was supposed to be admitted Friday for a two day stay at CHKD. His counts were too low to do chemo. Sad, his counts were low but happy to have a full week-end as a family. It was wonderful! Just to be home and then out together. We had a friends birthday party on Saturday. The kids had so much fun. A bounce house. Hot dogs and plenty of cake. They cried when it was time to go. We all went to church yesterday. It was again so great to be together.

So, now we wait. I'll laugh if we can't get this baby to come out :) You try so hard to keep him inside and then when it's "time" to go he doesn't want to budge :)

Well, I have a doctors appointment today. We'll see what's happening...


Jenn said...

So glad to hear an update I just figured you had the baby!!! Hugs ...

Natasha said...

it was nice to see you guys at church and so sweet to see Samuel enjoying himself