There was an old lady who lived in a shoe...

It finally happened today. I was applying for a membership and was asked how many children ages 6 & under I have....

Oh yeah! Five.

I'm sure whoever is later reading the application is thinking to themselves... that must have been an error.

You do things differently when you have this many kids... this close together... this young.

You learn how to survive and negotiate many areas of life... such as errands and grocery shopping. You learn which places have which carts that allow you to cram as many children as possible...

For example...

Target has the double seater carts where I can strap the twins in... and still be able to put Peter (in his baby seat) in the front part of the cart... leaving room if I need to put Samuel in the back of the cart.

Whenever I master one area the next seems to be about to begin. So what am I going to do now that Peter's graduating from his baby car seat? I mean the child is only 4 months and about 18 pounds.... Well, I will figure it out. Trying to hold out til April to put him in the new car seat. Hopefully with warmer weather it won't be as big a deal that he's not in his current car seat.

My niece (Madison) is due to arrive anytime. Kristin's due date is one week from today (March 26th). She looks quite pregnant but is beautiful as always. I can't wait to meet this new little girl who has changed all our lives. I can't wait to snuggle her and kiss her and tell her I love her. I can't wait to actually experience being an aunt.

So soon the stats around this household will change. Six children Six and under!!!


Kelsey said…
There should be a more formal term for maternal savviness...It is quite a skill. You are doing well with those beautiful five kids. Be encouraged. The Lord will continue to give you poise and strength to meet all those needs around you. Can't believe that Peter is so huge. Please give all of the kids smooches for me. Miss them very very much. Excited that Madison is coming soon. Will continue to keep you in prayer. Love you. xoxo

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